Professional Member

Qualified professional coaches are in great demand from both private and corporate clients, thus we strongly recommend that our "Associate" members work towards this status. Benefits to Professional Members include:

 - Your own Professional Member profile and link to your personal website

 - Free access to APCi professional development webinars

 - Access to the APCi Knowledge Centre

 - Support in growing your coaching-related business

The credibility that comes with membership of a recognised professional body - often vital in gaining professional insurance as required by many clients, especially in the public sector

Professional Member criteria:

  • Appropriate level of certification *

  • Minimum 30 hours of documented CPD per year **

  • Adherence to APC Code of Practice


*CPD portfolio may include:

  • Relevant training and workshops attended

  • Online webinars participated

  • Appropriate books studied

  • Personal coaching (supervision) is a requisite

This criteria commences from the initiation of membership and guidance is always freely available.

* If you are a practicing professional coach without certification, then you are welcome to support your application by providing the following in evidence of your application:

 - A minimum of six client testimonial letters spanning a minimum of two years and includng contact details

 - Written description of your work, methodology and core expertise

We will then consider your application on merit


Membership Fee:

£67 annual fee


Please note: Associate members not currently able to fulfill the Professional Member criteria are invited to apply and will be supported in achieving the appropriate level of qualification over a one-year period. In such cases, the Professional Member fee will apply and the full Professional Member status will be applied on the membership listing once those criteria have been achieved.

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